Another Saturday Rushing In

My Saturdays rush up on me. I spend my weeks working as a Practice Manager for an Internal Medicine physician. When I’m not at work, I’m taking my three teenage daughters to practice, somewhere that’s inevitably nowhere near home. I bring them home, cook, spend a few seconds with the hubby and hit the bed to get ready to do it all over again. It’s absolutely who I am. My girls mean the world to me and being their mom is my best accomplishment so far. I love them. I love my life.

But I have this itch(not that kind folks–I know where your minds went!). It’s unrelenting and undeniable. I itch to write. So I’m scratching that itch, using any spare second I have to pen my stories. And it’s yet another thing about my life that I love. I’m relatively new to this writing game. Publication is the goal–and I’m plugging away, doing everything in my power to see this goal met. I’m learning. That’s a process in and of itself. Blade sharp and pure, that’s how I want my writing to be so that when my readers get the finished product, it’s the very best of Lea Griffith. I’ve decided I’m going to devote an entire blog category about my journey toward becoming published. But for today, it’s just another Saturday rushing in.

I’m going to see my nephew play soccer and then I’m coming home to write. Tomorrow, I’m going to post on Six Sentence Sundays (thanks to the incomparable Sidney Bristol for the link) Yep, six sentences of my current WIP are going up tomorrow for any and all to see. Scary stuff that, but it’s another part of the process for me. I’m doing so many exciting things to see my goal of becoming published met–I can’t wait to tell you about it!

One last thing before I go:  I had plans this week to get this blog looking a little bit more like me. Shout out to Amanda Kelsey–Diva!!–because of her that’s one more thing off my plate. She took a couple of ideas and a couple of pictures and turned into an amazing header and background. If you’re looking for a graphic artist whose got mad chops you should visit her at: .

Until next time, peeps, Happy Reading 🙂



One thought on “Another Saturday Rushing In

  1. Amanda is absolutely brilliant! She did two of my book covers. Wonderful artist and a lovely person. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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