Six Sentence Sunday

Here it is folks! My first entry for Six Sentence Sunday. I’m a little bit nervous and whole lot excited. Nary a soul may read these–but I’m putting them out there. These six sentences come from one of my current WIPs. Gotta give a shout out to the amazing David Bridger–without his guidance these six sentences would be more like twenty. Oh, the meat was there, but he helped me chop it up into palatable bite-sized portions. He is the man as far as I’m concerned. I’m lucky to have him as my Mentor 🙂 This WIP is from the futuristic sci/fi installment of my GenTech1 Series–tentatively titled Hope for Me


Hope’s eyes watered as a defiant ray of sunlight sliced its way through the rain laden clouds above her. The lone ray illuminated the few remaining green shoots of grass trying to hide from winter’s searching grasp. Their brethren had long since died under early fall snows, but these tendrils clung to life bravely.

She wiped her eyes clear. “They should have been here two days ago. Do you think they got cold feet?”

Ta-Da! There she is–the first six of my current WIP. Whew! It’s done–I’m gonna go do a happy dance now for getting it out there. I’ll probably drink a Dr. Pepper and have a handful of M&M’s to celebrate.

Have an awesome day 🙂


9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Thanks, Suzan–you don’t know how much I appreciate the comments! I’m going to keep hitting #sss so you’ll find out soon.

      *whispers* my M&Ms were Easter colored, too. I’ll eat another handful for both of us–cause that’s how I roll 😉

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