Six Sentence Sunday-Part Deux

Alrighty then–my second Six Sentence Sunday is here. Last week, there was some nervousness. This week, yeah, there’s still nervousness. But the ropes have loosened a little, so I’m all good. My armpits aren’t sweating this go-round. Could be the change in deodorant or it could just be that I’m not as apprehensive as I was last week. Too much? Hey, I’m in a sharing kind of mood tonight. Whatever the case, I’m here to deliver another six.

I debated on whether to continue with the WIP I’m currently working on with my Mentor. (I’ve probably mentioned the amazing David Bridger, but back off, peeps! He’s my Mentor and you can’t have him for a while yet.) I decided I’m going to switch it up a bit. I’m also working on another completed manuscript, doing edits, re-writes, etc. I’m using this manuscript in the workshop Angela James puts on, Before You Hit Send. It was recommended to me by ObiWanBridger. I’m passing it on to you. Amazing workshop–you should sign up next time she offers it.

As I was saying, this manuscript is completed. I’ve been plugging away at it for a while with my CP. It’s a paranormal sci/fi romance novel. To set the stage for you, it’s the early 1980’s. You have world powers struggling through the Cold War and then you have Dr. Dolan Smythe-Ward. He’s a world-renowned scientist lecturing to an auditorium filled with future geneticists about the work he does with his company, GenTech1. What kind of work, you ask? The creepy kind–muwahahahaha!

Without further ado–here it is: my next six (the very first six in the book) from the very first offering in my GenTech series, Retrieval. (*psst* did you get all that?)

“As far as some of my colleagues within the scientific community and their disingenuous comments about the adverse effects of gene splicing on the population, let me say they’re just that: untruths. None of you sitting in front of me today have been unfavorably affected by my work. I would go so far to say that none of you in this auditorium have sprouted wings, laid eggs, nor do you bark at the sound of a bell. Indeed, it’s my opinion that my fellow scientists, many my competitors within this growing market, have led you wrong. The work we do at GenTech1 is cutting edge and I’m proud of it. We’re looking in innovative new directions to help propel mankind to the next level.”

And there it is, my SixSentenceSunday offering. Thanks for taking a look-see. Happy reading this week!

Quick shout-out to Sidney Bristol–ummm, you rock 🙂


6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday-Part Deux

    • He sounds convincing, though, doesn’t he? He truly believes he’s out to help mankind. Thanks, Ursula, for taking a look-see at my offering. Hearing from other writers that you work is nicely done is music to my ears!

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