Six Sentence Sunday- la troisième partie

I took French in high school and loved it. The ‘la troisieme partie’ is just a bit of fun on my part. It means ‘part 3’ and is a nod to my third Six Sentence Sunday.

Last week, I introduced you to the villain of my paranormal/sci fi romance, Retrieval. He’s a man bloated with the need for power. His ultimate desire is to rule the world and he has the knowledge, money and lack of morals to make his dreams come true. He’s a nasty bloke, yes he is. I struggled this week with my next offering. Should it be more about my villain or should I introduce you to my hero/heroine?

I’m going to take the plunge and introduce you to Sebastian and Skylar. He’s a former spec ops soldier sent to find the villain’s errant daughter. She’s the errant daughter. These six represent the first time they’re in the same space. He’s found her–and her reaction is visceral.

So here it is: the next six for your reading delectation and my accountability 🙂

The cafeteria faded as her entire world narrowed down to him. Lightning rippled along her nerves. Muscles twitched under her skin. She stood and moved toward him. I have to get to him. His eyes widened as he straightened in his seat.

And there they are. I hope your week is amazing.


16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday- la troisième partie

  1. It creates a lot of questions for me. Why does she have to get to him? Does he have a power that draws her near? Has she already heard of him? And where is this cafeteria? A school? A military base? Good six. 🙂

    • It’s in a hospital. Skylar is a surgeon. She doesn’t know him, he doesn’t know her. But he has the advantage because she’s his objective. Still, he’s as unprepared as she is for their first meeting. Thanks for the comments, Teresa 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Ursula. I’m going through Angela James’ B4YHS workshop and this is a wip I’m going back through and editing with all the valuable info I’ve learned there. Your words give me hope that I can get this done!

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