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It’s been a quick minute, yeah?

I haven’t updated in a few weeks. Man, that’s a while. I’ve taken a little break from Six Sentence Sunday because I didn’t want to give out passages that may or may not change as I go through re-writes and edits. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to rejoin the other amazing authors who put their stuff out on #sss. I miss sharing my story with you. For all of you who check in occasionally, you ‘re appreciated. I’ll be back at it soon.

I’ve been writing. I had a week off not too long ago. It wasn’t that productive writing-wise but boy was it amazing to have some time off from work. This last week though has been amazing as far as my productivity. Literally, I’ve hit it out of the park. I’m waiting as we speak/read/write to hear back from my mentor on the last 3, or was it 4, chapters I sent him for critique. But I’m hitting even more chapters, knocking them down fast and I’ve found my love for this story again.

I’ve been writing for about five years. Yeah. Five years. I am long time lover of all things in the romance genre. Paranormal, contemporary, historical, suspense, it just doesn’t matter–if there’s love involved, I’m all in. But I have my favorite authors and it takes a lot to get me to add new ones to my list. It’s not that I’m old, it’s that I’m set in my ways–like a good pudding. 🙂 Just sayin’. I decided, as I was going through a dry spell where I couldn’t find any new books I could get into, that I’d damn well write my own.

And I did. I wrote one, then another, then another. I just kept writing. It was cathartic, beautiful and the stories just piled up. When I decided to get serious about it, I discovered Romance Divas. From there, the snowball began to roll and I ended up being accepted into their Mentor Program. I know you’ve heard me talk about my wonderful mentor, David Bridger. There aren’t enough words to describe how lucky I’ve been to be paired with him for this journey. The things I’ve learned through him, and also my amazing CP, Linda Adams, have expanded my love for the craft of writing. I’m getting better at it, folks, watch out! 😉

Now the journey continues and I’ve picked Retrieval, a paranormal/sci-fi romance to be my first work for official submission. I’ll have to tell you about my previous experience with submissions in another post–not pretty at all! It’s not that I received rejections, even though I did, it’s that I had no idea why I was receiving the rejections. I do now, trust me. But it’s all good, because I wasn’t ready and neither was my work. I’ve discovered that I love my stuff and it deserves to be the absolute best when I send it out for others to read. I’m really close. REALLY CLOSE. That makes me happy.

So here I am. This is me and this is where I’m at in the journey. I’m a writer with big hopes and even bigger dreams. And now I’ve got some of the tools to help me realize them. I don’t mean to ramble, this was just supposed to be a check in to let you know I’m still out here. But I’m a sharer, so there ya’ go. For the #sss crowd…I’m watching and loving what you’re putting out there. Keep it going, you’re doing a great job!

Now go read, peeps. Or write. That’s even better.