Can you feel it?

Six Sentence Sunday time peeps. Welcome back to RETRIEVAL, my sci/fi paranormal romance. Last week we met, Skylar, my heroine. She’s been worn to the bone by a thirty-six hour shift and the hospital cafeteria food wasn’t all that appealing. She’s met up with two of her sisters in said cafeteria and after a little sisterly bickering they’ve run into a situation.

A premonition of danger swept over Skylar. Before she was aware of it, she’d enfolded her sisters in a protective shell of unseen energy.

“What the hell is it, Sky?” Piper questioned as she moved her body into a more defensive position.

“I don’t know. Raina put out your little feeler thingies and tell me what’s up to my immediate left, please?”

Sure hope Raina’s ‘feeler thingies’ are working properly. I’ve got next week off so hopefully I won’t forget to post what happens next. I appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to going through the list and visiting all the #sss crowd’s posts. Talk at ya’ later. 🙂

Oh- if you’re a writer looking to participate in Six Sentence Sunday, head over to and join other amazing authors who are always willing to share a quick six. I’ll be looking for you.


8 thoughts on “Can you feel it?

  1. I went back to grab a peek at the first six from last week. LOVE the premise of this story and you’ve got a good voice for it. The “feeler thingies” reference cracked me up. I’ve got you on my list now and I’ll be back to find out what’s going on. Good luck with the submission process!

    • Thanks, Silver! I’m looking forward to it. I poured a lot of myself into this book do it’s nice to know you’ve enjoyed a tiny bit of it.

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