A Creature of Instinct

Aren’t we all creatures of instinct once you break us down to brass tacks? No matter how civilized we appear on the outside–we are all animals underneath. We all succumb to emotional instincts, base or otherwise, which make us so much more than skin and bones. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things about humans. Surface can be stripped away, leaving true, honest, irreplaceable feeling. Without those instincts, we are nothing more than living, breathing robots on the edge of a barren existence.

As a woman engineered for destruction, Skylar finds herself on the edge of a precipice. Unable to stop her response, she has become…well, let’s let these next six tell it.

She’d become what she’d always feared: a creature of pure instinct. The man had become her primary focus. Her only objective. A feeling of panic caused adrenaline to arc through her. She was almost there.

Before she could reach the table where he was seated, Piper intervened.

She’s seen him. She’s drawn to him and now must fight the compulsion to go to him. Scary stuff, those instincts. That’s my offering this week. I hope you enjoyed it.

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