A Creature of Instinct

Aren’t we all creatures of instinct once you break us down to brass tacks? No matter how civilized we appear on the outside–we are all animals underneath. We all succumb to emotional instincts, base or otherwise, which make us so much more than skin and bones. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things about humans. Surface can be stripped away, leaving true, honest, irreplaceable feeling. Without those instincts, we are nothing more than living, breathing robots on the edge of a barren existence.

As a woman engineered for destruction, Skylar finds herself on the edge of a precipice. Unable to stop her response, she has become…well, let’s let these next six tell it.

She’d become what she’d always feared: a creature of pure instinct. The man had become her primary focus. Her only objective. A feeling of panic caused adrenaline to arc through her. She was almost there.

Before she could reach the table where he was seated, Piper intervened.

She’s seen him. She’s drawn to him and now must fight the compulsion to go to him. Scary stuff, those instincts. That’s my offering this week. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Blue eyes will do it to you everytime…

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Now here’s my offering this week. Skylar senses something just isn’t right. Something’s bothering her and then bam!

Raina pointed in the direction Skylar had wanted her to feel out just a few seconds ago.

Curiosity got the best of Sky. She half turned in her seat to peer in the direction her sister pointed. Skewered by the most intense set of blue eyes she’d ever seen, her breath deserted her. His gaze was a punch to the soul. Damn.

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Wishing you the words!

Can you feel it?

Six Sentence Sunday time peeps. Welcome back to RETRIEVAL, my sci/fi paranormal romance. Last week we met, Skylar, my heroine. She’s been worn to the bone by a thirty-six hour shift and the hospital cafeteria food wasn’t all that appealing. She’s met up with two of her sisters in said cafeteria and after a little sisterly bickering they’ve run into a situation.

A premonition of danger swept over Skylar. Before she was aware of it, she’d enfolded her sisters in a protective shell of unseen energy.

“What the hell is it, Sky?” Piper questioned as she moved her body into a more defensive position.

“I don’t know. Raina put out your little feeler thingies and tell me what’s up to my immediate left, please?”

Sure hope Raina’s ‘feeler thingies’ are working properly. I’ve got next week off so hopefully I won’t forget to post what happens next. I appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to going through the list and visiting all the #sss crowd’s posts. Talk at ya’ later. 🙂

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Let’s Revisit the Beginning, Shall We?

I’m baaaack! It’s Six Sentence Sunday time and it feels kinda good to be back in the fold.

For any of you that follow me–and I’m optimistic there’s at least a few of you :)– I’ve completed RETRIEVAL and even begun to sub it. Exciting stuff, that, but I’ll blog more on my submission trials later.

Fornow,allow me to take you to the very beginning of my sci/fi paranormal superhero romance, RETRIEVAL. These first six, and I mean the very first six, take place in the cafeteria of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. My heroine–well, let me let the story tell itself.

Skylar had pulled thirty-six hours straight, cutting, sewing, setting and diagnosing so many patients she couldn’t even remember why she’d agreed to do the extra shifts in the first place. Still something nagged at her, pricked that part of her that was always prepared for the unknown even as weariness slowed her steps and made her vision hazy. She rubbed her gritty eyes.

Her stomach rumbled as she passed items that looked like food, but had long since congealed into disgusting mounds of colored goo under the warming lights of the hospital buffet. Nausea or true hunger, it was hard to tell. She loaded a tray and with bread and juice.

There’s the first six. I’ve cut and chopped, revised and edited this joker so much that when I read it upon finishing, it was the same story told so much better. Thanks for letting me share.

May the words be with you all this week. :)